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Proposition 45. Good or Bad for Consumers? Daniel Abrams, President

Sorry, Kaiser, but I'm giving the folks at California's Proposition 45 some free plugs here.

From Insuresaver: The Consumer Watchdog advocacy group is standing strong behind Proposition 45, a ballot measure that would give California’s insurance commissioner the right to veto any health insurance rates hikes deemed to be excessive. 35 States have already implemented similar measures, and soon California will have to decide whether or not to join in. However, insurance carriers as well as Covered California feel that this measure would "…end up hurting Californians," per Covered California board member Susan Kennedy. "It will damage health care reform, perhaps permanently, perhaps fatally, in California and I think perhaps nationally." Both Democrats and Republicans have equally expressed concern with Prop 45. Per a recent poll:Republicans claim Prop. 45 gives insurance commissioner Dave Jones carte blancheDemocrats fear that Prop. 45 would threaten the successful implementation of the Affordable Care Act.For instance, Covered California could negotiate with a certain plan to serve a community -- but under Prop. 45, the insurance commissioner could change the terms of that arrangement at the last minute, with implications for both consumers and health providers. It is feared it would ultimately affect the insurer's decision to remain in California. Proponents of the measure suggest that there's a track record of California's insurers raising rates despite objections. In the past four years, insurers have proceeded with at least 14 rate hikes that were deemed unreasonable by California regulators. Covered California's current structure allows insurers too much negotiating leverage. According to Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, "When your bargaining partner controls 93% of the market, you don't have the bargaining power to get better rates.” 

Click Here to Read More About Proposition 45

Visit the Yes on 45 Org Website For More

MLB Divisional Series 2014

AL Wildcard Sep 30: A's (5) at Royals (4), 5:07pm, TBS: Oakland 8, Royals 9, 12 innings. Royals Advance
NL: Wildcard Oct 1: Giants (5) at Pirates (4), 5:07pm, ESPN: Giants 8, Pirates 0. Giants Advance

Starts Oct 2: ALDS1: Royals (4) vs. Angels (1)
Thu Oct 2: Game 1: Royals @ Angels, 6:00pm, TBS
Fri Oct 3: Game 2: Royals @ Angels, 6:30pm, TBS
Sun Oct 5: Game 3: Angels @ Royals, 4:30pm, TBS
Mon Oct 6: Game 4*: Angels @ Royals, TBS
Wed Oct 8: Game 5*: Royals @ Angels, TBS

Starts Oct 2: ALDS2: Tigers (3) vs. Orioles (2)
Thu Oct 2: Game 1: Tigers @ Orioles, 2:30pm, TBS
Fri Oct 3: Game 2: Tigers @ Orioles, 9:00am, TBS
Sun Oct 5: Game 3: Orioles @ Tigers, 12:30pm, TBS
Mon Oct 6: Game 4*: Orioles @ Tigers, TBS
Wed Oct 8: Game 5*: Tigers @ Orioles, TBS

Starts Oct 3: NLDS1: Giants (5) vs. Nationals (1)
Fri Oct 3: Game 1: Giants @ Nationals, 12:00pm, FS1
Sat Oct 4: Game 2: Giants @ Nationals, 2:30pm, FS1
Mon Oct 6: Game 3: Nationals @ Giants, MLBN or FS1?
Tue Oct 7: Game 4*: Nationals @ Giants, MLBN or FS1?
Thu Oct 9: Game 5*: Giants @ Nationals, FS1

Starts Oct 3: NLDS2: Cardinals (3) vs. Dodgers (2)
Fri Oct 3: Game 1: Cardinals @ Dodgers, 3:30pm FS1
Sat Oct 4: Game 2: Cardinals @ Dodgers, 6:30pm MLBN
Mon Oct 6: Game 3: Dodgers @ Cardinals, MLBN or FS1?
Tue Oct 7: Game 4*: Dodgers @ Cardinals, MLBN or FS1?
Thu Oct 9: Game 5*: Cardinals @ Dodgers, FS1

The Full Picture
Times and teams to be announced.

TBS has the ALDS (begins Oct 2) and ALCS series (begins Oct 10).
Fox Sports 1 or MLBN have the NLDS series (begins Oct 3), and Fox (Games 1 and 6) and Fox Sports 1 (Games 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7) have the NLCS series (begins Oct 11)
Beginning Fri Oct 10, ALCS Game 1, AL Lower Seed @ AL Higher Seed, TBS
Beginning Sat Oct 11: NLCS Game 1, NL Lower Seed @ NL Higher Seed, FOX

Fox has the World Series, beginning on Oct 21 with Game 1: NL Champion @ AL Champion.

Complete Schedule at the MLB.com Site

Complete Schedule at the ESPN.com Site

Wiremania (Oct 3, 2014)

Radio Wires

TV Wires

Suddenlink to Viacom: Sorry, we already gave your bandwidth away. Excerpt: St. Louis-based Suddenlink, which serves about 1.1 million video subscribers, says that after Viacom rejected its final offer Sept. 23, it entered into "long-term contracts with other parties for alternative programming."

Sports Wires

DirecTV Scores Eight-Year, Sunday Ticket Renewal. DirecTV, as expected, has inked a renewal with the NFL for its Sunday Ticket out-of-market package. The new eight-year agreement -- some sources say it averages as much as $1.5 billion annually, up from the $1 billion per year under the pact that expires with the conclusion of the 2014 season -- also expands DirecTV’s rights to stream Sunday Ticket live on mobile devices and via broadband platforms, under the previously announced NFL Sunday Ticket.TV imprint.

Yahoo Sports: It was time for the NFL's blackout rule to get blacked out

ESPN Classic becomes on-demand channel on Dish Network

Sports USA Converts 'Conversations With Joe Morgan' To Podcast.

Tech Wires

Grooveshark shares upbeat, defiant response to copyright ruling

Science Wires

Media Wires


Business Wires

Auto Wires

Consumer Wires

Health Wires

Misc Wires

Midweek Wiremania (Oct 1, 2014)

Radio Wires

Inside Radio: At Oldies KRTH/Los Angeles, Greg Simms joins for weekends and fill-ins. Simms is a former air talent at KYSR/Los Angeles as well as KFMB (100.7 Jack FM)/San Diego. Additionally at the station, Dave Mason has resigned the APD/MD post.

Radio World: All-Digital AM Testing Begins Oct. 2 in Seattle. Tests of all-digital AM HD Radio technology begin Oct. 2 on Seattle AM stations KRKO and KKXA. The FCC has approved a request for experimental test authority on the ninth such group selected for testing by NAB Labs.

TV Wires

'That's All Folks:' Saturday Morning Cartoons Bid Farewell

Rumor mill: Aereo-like platforms may be given program licensing rights by FCC. The FCC is reportedly set to redefine online video platforms like Aereo that stream linear TV content as MVPD operators, similar to cable and satellite companies.

Sports Wires

FCC to revisit blackout rule for sports on television.

Los Angeles Times: FCC Votes to End Blackout Rule

FCC unanimously dumps blackout rule. Excerpt: “This is a historic day for sports fans,” Sports Fans Coalition chairman David Goodriend said in a release. “Since 1975, the federal government has propped up the NFL’s obnoxious practice of blacking out a game from local TV if the stadium did not sell out. Today’s FCC action makes clear: if leagues want to mistreat fans, they will have to do so without Uncle Sam’s help.” Note: The blackout rule came from the FCC until now. Blackouts will be between the NFL and its broadcast partners without any government rule.

Fox Sports' Take: FCC Drops Blackout Rule. In spite of fierce opposition from the NFL, the Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously on Tuesday to end its four-decade-old sports blackout rules. The rules banned cable and satellite companies from showing games blacked out on local broadcast channels. Why This Matters: The commissioners said the rules were outdated, and many made the point that the government should not be complicit in the NFL's decision to black out broadcasts for games with insufficient ticket sales.

The Los Angeles Dodgers take equity stake in station (KLAC 570).

Radio Ink Take: Dodgers's Stake of KLAC. The Dodgers and iHeartMedia have entered into a new multi-year agreement with KLAC-AM in L.A. that not only renews the radio station's broadcast rights to the games, it also includes an equity position in the station for the team. Dodgers CEO Stan Kasten said, "We are looking forward to expanding KLAC's content in this new partnership for our passionate and loyal fan base. We will be teaming up with the fantastic creative team at iHeartMedia on a number of projects and initiatives, to enhance our fans' engagement. And what better team to tell the story than from broadcast talent of Vin, Rick and Charley." Excerpt: The Dodgers' ownership group will take an equity stake in the AM radio station that broadcasts the team's games as part of a multiyear agreement renewing the station's broadcast rights.

Three Commissioners Now Pressuring R--skins Owner. Will the word "R--skins" wind up being banished to the indecent list that nobody on TV or radio can say? At a press conference Tuesday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said he finds the word "R--skins" offensive and urged the NFL team to change its name. "There are a lot of names and descriptions that were used for a time that are inappropriate today. I think the name that is attributed to the Washington football club is one of those." And now you can add Commissioner Mignon Clyburn to the list of commissioners that have gone public in stating the name should go.

All Access: FCC to Consider Banning The Word R--skins From The Broadcast Airwaves. The late George Carlin would have had to rewrite his "Seven Words You Can't Say on Television" routine to add another word, although the P-word is often said on television without any FCC fines.

Time Warner Cable SportsNet LA fiasco may turn tide on spiraling RSN costs. September 30, 2014. Rival pay-TV operators believe Time Warner Cable's inability to carve affiliate deals for its new Los Angeles Dodgers-based regional sports network will have a beneficial chilling affect on the launch of future pricey channels.

WSJ: Resistance to Dodgers Channel Sends Message on Pricing. Pay-TV Distributors Hope to Gain Leverage After Few Agreed to Carry SportsNet LA.

Tech Wires

fmqb: Auto Connectivity Going Mainstream. If you have your seats reserved for DASH in Detroit next month you are already aware of how important connectivity in the automobile is to the consumer and you want to know what your radio station can do to stay in touch with the constantly connected consumer. As that connectivity becomes easier and automotive salespeople become more educated on how to explain the technology during the sale, the number of consumers who want connectivity as a feature increases. CNBC reports that Audi and GM are both aggressively promoting models with 4G connectivity. And, the research group McKinsey just released survey results that found 80 percent of car buyers in America consider connectivity "important" or "very important."

Grooveshark Guilty Of Massive Copyright Infringement.

All Access' Take: Grooveshark Violated Copyright Laws.. Excerpt: Less than a week ago (NET NEWS 9/23), ALL ACCESS reported U.S. District Judge PHILIP GUTIERREZ ruled that SIRIUSXM RADIO must pay copyright fees for pre-1972 recordings. The ruling granted summary judgment in the case brought by THE TURTLES -- MARK VOLMAN and HOWARD KAYLAN, suing as FLO AND EDDIE INC. -- alleging that the satellite service's playing of their pre-1972 music violated CALIFORNIA state laws. Now another legal defeat has been handed down, this time to a webcaster, as a NEW YORK federal judge ruled YESTERDAY (9/29) that GROOVESHARK infringed on thousands of copyrights.

Wiremania (Sep 26, 2014)

Radio Wires

San Diego’s Norm Feuer exits BCA. Longtime radio station owner and manager Norm Feuer is retiring from Broadcast Company of the Americas where he was managing their San Diego stations since 2012. Feuer has headed such companies as Force II Communications and Triathlon Broadcasting, and he’s also spent time at companies including Clear Channel and Viacom. The JMI Equity-backed BCA has turned to Mike Glickenhaus, a San Diego radio veteran, to oversee the stations on a short-term basis.

Former KFWB, now The Beast, unveils new sports lineup

AC KIFM/San Diego adds the nationally syndicated Delilah for weeknights, effective September 22. The show airs 6 p.m. to midnight.

EDM spreads to San Diego dial. San Diego’s booming nightlife has made it an EDM hotspot. Responding to the market’s dance appetite, Lincoln Financial Media has introduced Glow, an HD Radio side channel and online stream devoted to “Everything Dance.” The launch has Calvin Harris, Tiesto and Avicii playing in primetime on the HD3 channel of modern rock KBZT (94.9) and at GlowSanDiego.com.

“Twisted” Radio Beams Data at 32 Gigabits per Second

Waiver That Would Have Eased Barriers For Fm Translators Denied

SCBA: "Serious Setbacks For Pandora". The Southern California Broadcasters Association has published its latest white paper entitled, "Consumer Response and Listening Satisfaction of Broadcast Radio vs. Pandora." The SCBA concludes that Southern California radio had 7.4 percent listener growth over the past six years. And the report says Pandora is facing "serious setbacks," including a 70.3 percent loss in time spent per session in a 25-month period, and an 83.3 percent loss in daily log-ins to its site. "The most ominous new information is the fact that consumer awareness of Pandora-aired commercials drops to only 20 percent within 24 months compared to a 93 percent awareness for commercials aired on broadcast radio over the same time frame."

Read the full SCBA white paper in PDF form

TV Wires

AT&T's Stankey: Company will end up spending more on content after DirecTV purchase. Belying his company's earlier claims that its proposed purchase of DirecTV could yield synergies of around $1.6 billion in regard to programming acquisitions, AT&T Chief Strategy Officer John Stankey said content costs could actually increase for the combined company if AT&T's ambitious programming goals are realized.

Moonves: There's a 'strong possibility' that Showtime will go a la carte. Addressing speculation about the possible OTT agenda for his company's premium cable network, Les Moonves said there is a "very strong possibility" that CBS Corp. will soon disaggregate Showtime from the pay-TV bundle and offer it to consumers a la carte, over the Internet.

Moffett: Broadband regulation, resurgent cord-cutting pose 'wall of worry' for pay TV. Although pay-TV profit margins are up and leading all media and entertainment sectors, investment analyst Craig Moffett is advising clients to be wary of operator stock right now.

Sports Wires

Time to sack the sports-TV blackout rule

Chargers on the Air

Mon Sep 8, 7:20pm, at Cardinals, ESPN
Sun Sep 14: 1:05pm, vs Seahawks, FOX
Sun Sep 21: 10am, at Bills, CBS
Sun Sep 28, 1:05pm, vs Jaguars, CBS
Sun Oct 5: 1:25pm, vs. Jets, CBS
Sun Oct 12: 1:05pm at Raiders, CBS
Sun Oct 19: 1:05pm vs Chiefs, CBS
Thu Oct 23: 5:25pm at Broncos, CBS
Sun Nov 2: 10am at Dolphins, CBS
Sun Nov 16: 1:05pm vs Raiders, CBS
Sun Nov 23: 1:05pm vs Rams, FOX
Sun Nov 30: 10am at Ravens, CBS
Sun Dec 7: 5:30pm vs Patriots, NBC
Sun Dec 14: 1:05pm vs Broncos, CBS
Sat Dec 20: 1:30pm at 49ers, CBS
Sun Dec 28, 10am at Chiefs, CBS

Aircheck: The Story of Top 40 Radio in San Diego

Aircheck: The Story of Top 40 Radio in San Diego
David Leonard / Paperback

More Information About This Product

Editorial Reviews:

"...the whole story; beginning, middle, and end of Top 40's radio heyday in America's finest city..." --Rich Brother Robbin, 2004

I don't believe the history of San Diego radio has been chronicled before like this...it's absolutely fascinating." --Gene Knight, 2004


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