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Mid-Week Special Wiremania (Sep 17, 2014)

Clear Channel Changes Name

Clear Channel Rebrands As iHeartMedia. The company has a new name, effective today. Other company brands, such as iHeartRadio, Premiere Networks, and Katz Media Group, will retain their names

Another name change for Clear Channel. It was about two years ago when the company dumped "Radio" for Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. On Tuesday, just a few days before the 4th annual iHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas, the company will now be known as the much shorter iHeartMedia. In announcing the new name, CEO Bob Pittman said, "iHeartMedia reflects our commitment to being the media company that provides the most entertainment to the most engaged audiences wherever they go, with more content and more events in more places on more devices."

The Los Angeles Times chimes in on this change.

Advertising Age has another take

Radio Wires

Moonves: CBS May Sell Radio Stations. As CBS Radio CEO and President Dan Mason was talking content with Bob Pittman to several hundred radio people in Indianapolis, his boss was on Cable TV talking about dumping some of his radio stations. In a wide-ranging interview on CNBC Thursday, CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves said he might try to "trim down" the CBS stable of 127 radio stations, "in that some of our radio stations aren't in major markets." He added, "We still believe in radio," but called it a "slow growth" business. "You might see a reduction in the number of radio stations that we have," Moonves said, but he didn't give any specifics or timetable.

sdr.org: Steve West Returns. 94.9 Sundays 6-10am

sdr.org: Guest Column by David Tanny: Funny Music on the Broadcast Airwaves

The Demise of HD Radio Did Not Materialize Last Week. After GM announced it was removing HD Radio from two vehicles to "tweak its implementation," many radio insiders were gleefully predicting that the death of HD Radio would be all the chatter at the Radio Show in Indianapolis last week. It wasn't. HD Radio had it's typical sized booth, radio executives who financially support the product continue to verbally support the product, a new partnership was announced with NextRadio and auto-makers we spoke to, as late as yesterday, say it remains a choice for consumers in the DASH of their automobiles.

TV Wires

Study Finds Cord Cutting on the Rise. According to a new research report from Frank N. Magid Associates, consumer intent to cut the cord and drop pay TV is up. 2.9% of pay-TV subscribers say they are “very likely” to cancel their service in the year ahead, up from 2.7% last year and 2.2% two years ago. Why This Matters: Though the percentage of people getting video content from broadband is still small, cord cutting worries the TV industry. The number of pay-TV subscribers dropped last year and the trend could accelerate as more content goes on line and mobile devices become more powerful and popular

Dodgers Cut Last-Minute Deal with L.A.’s KDOC for Final Regular Season Games Broadcast and MVPD viewers will get to see the last six games of the Dodgers season, according to Time Warner Cable, which said Monday it had struck a deal with L.A. independent KDOC to air the games. Dodger games, which have aired this year on new net SportsNet LA, have been off various MVPDs in the area unwilling to agree to the regional sports net's carriage terms. Why This Matters: The move is an effort by TWC to drum up some good PR with the local fans, as roughly 70% of the Los Angeles area has been shut out from watching Dodgers games all season.

Media Wires

FCC net-neutrality comments surpass 3M, beat Janet Jackson 'Wardrobe-gate' for record. September 16, 2014. With the public commentary period for the FCC's proposed new net-neutrality rules ending Monday night, the commission reported that the number of comments had set a record, at more than 3 million.

Wiremania (Sep 12, 2014)

Radio Wires

Friday night football broadcasts shifting online

WSJ: Radio Remains King Of The Road

Is Too Much Advertising Is Killing Talk Radio?. Inside the industry, we have this debate all the time. How can radio reduce its spotload? Here's an outside view from Paul Kengor, a professor of political science at Grove City College and author of 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative. Kengor writes in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that the public is turning away from conservative talk radio because there is too much advertising, not because they are tired of the politics.

musicFIRST Calls On FCC To Probe Radio Refusal To Air Pro-Royalty Ads. The musicFIRST COALITION asked the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION to expand and take action on an open proceeding concerning a refusal by NAB radio members to air advertisements in support of the Performance Rights Act. The move comes after new allegations that NAB radio members are refusing to air ads in favor of “Local Choice” legislation,

Hanson: AM/FM Radio Is Declining. During his annual “State of the Industry” address in Indianapolis Tuesday, RAIN Publisher Kurt Hanson said it’s a slow decline, but AM/FM radio is indeed declining as consumers move more toward personalized radio (Hanson is also CEO of AccuRadio -- a personalized online radio company). Breaking it down to basic numbers, Hanson says there are about 3 million online listeners compared to about 25 million to 30 million AM/FM listeners. And he says that if the pace of moving from traditional radio over to online radio continues, online listening will equal AM/FM listening in six to eight years.

Scott Shannon Returns To Syndication. Last Updated on September 11, 2014 at 3:50 pm Following Cumulus ceasing distribution of Scott Shannon's True Oldies Channel at the end of June, Shannon will return to syndication in October in partnership with CBS Radio and United Stations Radio Networks. A weekly 4 hour program titled "Scott Shannon Presents: America's Greatest Hits" wil...

TV Wires

Is Television 'A Woman's Medium'?

UHF spectrum may be repurposed

CBS' Ianniello: 'Nothing in Showtime's pay-TV contracts says we can't go OTT'. While the tech blogs breathlessly wait for HBO to announce that it's ditching bundled pay-TV services and offering its programming via a la carte streaming, its smaller premium cable rival, Showtime, seems to be closer to actually doing just that.

Local Choice now part of Senate's satellite reauthorization bill. The Senate version of satellite reauthorization will indeed include Local Choice, a controversial Commerce Committee proposal that essentially strips broadcast channels out of the pay-TV bundle.

Local Choice pulled from Senate bill. Fearing that their Local Choice proposal is too ambitious for full Congressional approval on a short timeline, the proposal's creators, Sens. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) and John Thune (R-S.D.), have pulled it out of the Senate Commerce Committee's satellite-TV bill. Why This Matters: The bill was applauded by cable and satellite companies but abhorred by broadcasters. It would have given cable subscribers a-la-carte options on local broadcast stations with no such opportunity to choose among competing cable channels.

LA TV stations free up airwaves for wireless broadband. Two local TV stations will consolidate onto a single channel, freeing up space for new wireless broadband services. Two TV stations in Los Angeles, KLCS and KCET, have agreed to share a single frequency to deliver their programming, freeing up a channel that can be auctioned off to wireless carriers next year. L.A.-based non-commercial stations KLCS and KCET have agreed to share a 6 MHz channel so that the other can be offered up in next year’s spectrum incentive auction. Both stations will continue to operate under noncommercial licenses, and be afforded the same interference protections as non-shared licensees, according to Federal Communications Commission rules. Why This Matters: The move comes after a closely watched sharing test earlier this year between KLCS – a PBS station – and Spanish-language KJLA. The test determined that the two stations could successfully share signal with minimal disruption.

The inside story on how Local Choice got pulled from STAVRA. So why did a bipartisan proposal to do away with retransmission and strip broadcast stations from the pay-TV bundle get removed from the satellite bill being run through the Senate Commerce Committee? According to the two U.S. Senators who came up with the plan, opposition from other committee members led to the decision to scuttle inclusion of the language in the bill.

Moonves to stations: Get more retrans money out of pay-TV operators or else. No wonder CBS sucks! Seemingly oblivious to the fact that a proposal that would end broadcast-retransmission payments nearly made it onto a Senate bill, CBS Corp. president Les Moonves urged TV stations to get tough with pay-TV operators during retrans negotiations.

Sports Wires

ESPN's Skipper: 'Cheap packages will hook millennials on pay-TV'. Cable's priciest channel is trying to cram itself to low-cost pay-TV packages to attract younger, more pay-TV-dissonant viewers.

Why is the NFL still blacking out games?. By John McCain and Richard Blumenthal, (CNN). This weekend marks the kickoff of what millions of Americans have been looking forward to since the final minutes of Seattle's Super Bowl victory in early February – another football season. But one thing fans should never have to worry about is whether or not this week's game will be impossible to watch due to a TV blackout

FCC chairman: Sack the NFL's blackout rule. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said the so-called “sports blackout” rule is obsolete and needs to go, in a USA Today editorial Tuesday. Wheeler said he will schedule a vote Sept. 30 on getting rid of the rules. Without the rules, the NFL can still write those blackouts into their contracts, but Wheeler says the FCC is not going to play along. "Today, we are blowing the whistle on this anti-fan practice," he said. Why This Matters: Wheeler’s comments come at a time when the league has faced major pushback on the blackout rule. Last year all FCC commissioners voted to scrap the rules.

Wiremania (Sep 5, 2014)

Radio Wires

Local Choice fight ramps up as CBS refuses to run ATVA ads. CBS Radio will not run the American Television Alliance's new spot plugging the Senate Commerce Committee's "Local Choice" proposal. The refusal to air the low-budget campaign is not a shocker, given that--should it become law--Local Choice would dispense with broadcast retransmission fees and employ a system of pay-TV compensation that would likely be far less profitable to broadcasters. The proposal essentially breaks down this way: Pay-TV operators would make every local broadcast channel available to subscribers, who would then choose which stations they'd like to receive. Payments would be made directly from consumers to broadcasters, and retrans would go away.

Smooth jazz gives way to adult alternative in Temecula. It's so long smooth jazz, hello adult alternative for KMYT, Temecula, CA (94.5). Using the slogan, "It's all about the music," Clear Channel launched "Radio 94.5" in time for the long Labor Day weekend, leaving "Smooth Jazz JJZ" WDAS, Philadelphia (1480) as its sole remaining smooth jazzer. "Radio 94.5" complements rock sister "Q 103.3" KTMQ in the Southern California market between Los Angeles and San Diego.

HD RADIO CAN BE SAVED. That's according to former broadcaster Matt Sammon, who is now the Director of broadcasting and programming for the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning. In a blog on Tumblr, Sammon offers up 5 reasons why HD Radio has failed, and 5 reasons "why it can rise from the ashes." As far as why it has failed, Sammon says there is a lot of confusion with consumers about the extra channels, there is a lack of serious promotion, radio did not copy the Apple way of selling its new product, the economy tanked and the connected car and affordable wi-fi have given consumers easier access to more choices. So, how does Sammon believe the technology can still survive?

JACK DIAMOND EXITS MAX-FM SAN DIEGO. Last Updated on September 2, 2014 at 7:25 am After just two weeks in mornings at Broadcast Company of Americas Classic Hits "105.7 Max-FM" XHPRS Tijuana/San Diego, Jack Diamond has exited to return home to his family in Washington, DC. In a lengthy Facebook post, Diamond explained the issues his family faced in moving to San Diego and...

Should you boost your radio station's wattage to defeat pirates? (hint: no). by Matthew Lasar on September 3, 2014 in FCC, piracy. Shake108fm has posted details of an interesting problem and his tentative solution on our forums pages. "I have pirate stations in my area on same frequency," he writes. "One temporary idea is to overpower them until they realize I am not going away and I am fully legitimate station."

We beat the big boys. The sounds of construction, not jazz, resonate in Mark DeBoskey's office. Any week now, the entirety of KSDS Jazz 88.3, some 500 square feet of studios and cramped admin offices, will move into a spacious...

Discussion: Fusion Radio 101.7 FM? Pirate Radio Stations in Temecula? Click the link to reply. By sweetbabylee: "The 'pirate' station that's been heard in the Temecula-Murrieta area has been on this weekend with an announcer. A name has been given to the station of Fusion Radio San Diego. Can be heard in the Temecula-Murrieta area but not sure where the signal is actually broadcasting from. It's on 101.7 FM and says their web address is FusionRadioSD.com. Only a shell at that web address currently for Fusion Radio. Found a twitter account for Fusion Radio SD. KZDB-FM 96.9 and 101.7 FM North San Diego - Temecula Valley. Any one know of a new LPFM in the area? My gut a pirate."

TV Wires

Raycom, Dispatch Video pull broadcast channels off DirecTV. In the latest retransmission fee fight, roughly 50 stations owned by Montgomery, Ala.-based broadcaster Raycom Media went dark on DirecTV on Sept. 1. Why This Matters: Raycom has a history of contentious negotiations with satellite TV and cable operators, but this dispute is likely to fuel Senate lawmakers' plan to dispense with broadcast retransmission licensing and impose a new system of direct-from-consumer payments called Local Choice

Aereo Tells Judge It Can Beat Lawsuit Despite Supreme Court Ruling

FCC stops charging fees to tiny cable operators, proposes that Dish and DirecTV start paying up. September 3, 2014. Tiny cable operators are, understandably, praising the FCC's decision to exempt them from regulatory fees while simultaneously proposing that satellite operators Dish and DirecTV be subject to per-sub charges.

Joan Rivers Dies at 81. After being taken to a hospital in cardiac arrest last week, Emmy-winning comedienne Joan Rivers died today at 81 in New York. "It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my mother, Joan Rivers," Melissa Rivers said moments ago in a statement. Why This Matters: From pioneering stand-up to frequent late-night appearances to her trend-setting red-carpet snark, Rivers left an indelible mark during her half-century in show business.

Sports Wires

KFWB switching to all-sports format as AM radio fights for survival

Dodger TV Fans: Wait Til Next Year! It's becoming increasingly clear that most fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers will be shut out from watching their favorites on TV for the entire 2014 season.

The NFL And CBS Set to Take Over Thursdays

Comcast accuses DirecTV, AT&T of holding back info in CSN Houston takeover. Nothing in the short life of troubled regional sports network CSN Houston has come easy, and that trend is continuing in the transfer of ownership in federal bankruptcy court. With a critical hearing scheduled for Thursday, Comcast has accused AT&T and DirecTV of holding back information in their quest to acquire the struggling RSN.

Kurt Warner Joins Westwood One's Monday Night Football Crew

Premiere Networks Renews Deal To Rep, Distribute Dan Patrick Show

Chargers on the Air

Mon Sep 8, 7:20pm, at Cardinals, ESPN
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Sun Sep 21: 10am, at Bills, CBS
Sun Sep 28, 1:05pm, vs Jaguars, CBS
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Sun Oct 12: 1:05pm at Raiders, CBS
Sun Oct 19: 1:05pm vs Chiefs, CBS
Thu Oct 23: 5:25pm at Broncos, CBS
Sun Nov 2: 10am at Dolphins, CBS
Sun Nov 16: 1:05pm vs Raiders, CBS
Sun Nov 23: 1:05pm vs Rams, FOX
Sun Nov 30: 10am at Ravens, CBS
Sun Dec 7: 5:30pm vs Patriots, NBC
Sun Dec 14: 1:05pm vs Broncos, CBS
Sat Dec 20: 1:30pm at 49ers, CBS
Sun Dec 28, 10am at Chiefs, CBS

Aircheck: The Story of Top 40 Radio in San Diego

Aircheck: The Story of Top 40 Radio in San Diego
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I don't believe the history of San Diego radio has been chronicled before like this...it's absolutely fascinating." --Gene Knight, 2004


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