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2015 MLB Playoffs - WC/DS

Direct link to the MLB Post Season Schedule

Tue Oct 6 ALWC ESPN 5pm Astros @ Yankees (Astros 3, Yankees 0)

Wed Oct 7 NLWC TBS 5pm Cubs @ Pirates (Cubs 4, Pirates 0)

Thu Oct 8 ALDS Game 1 FS1/SNET 12:30pm Rangers @ Blue Jays (Rangers 5, Blue Jays 3, Rangers lead series 1-0)
Thu Oct 8 ALDS Game 1 FS1 4:30pm Astros @ Royals (Astros 5, Royals 2, Astros lead series 1-0)

Fri Oct 9 ALDS Game 2 MLBN/SNET 9:30am Rangers @ Blue Jays (Rangers 6, Blue Jays 4, 14 innings, Rangers lead series 2-0)
Fri Oct 9 ALDS Game 2 FS1 12:30pm Astros @ Royals (Royals 5, Astros 4, Series tied 1-1)
Fri Oct 9 NLDS Game 1 TBS 3:30pm Cubs @ Cardinals (Cardinals 4, Cubs 0, Cardinals lead series 1-0)
Fri Oct 9 NLDS Game 1 TBS 6:30pm Mets @ Dodgers (Mets 3, Dodgers 1, Mets lead series 1-0)

Sat Oct 10 NLDS Game 2 TBS 2:30pm Cubs @ Cardinals
Sat Oct 10 NLDS Game 2 TBS 6:00pm Mets @ Dodgers

Sun Oct 11 ALDS Game 3 MLBN 1:00pm Royals @ Astros
Sun Oct 11 ALDS Game 3 FS1/SNET 5:00pm Blue Jays @ Rangers

Mon Oct 12 ALDS Game 4 FS1 10:00am? Royals @ Astros
Mon Oct 12 NLDS Game 3 TBS ? Dodgers @ Mets
Mon Oct 12 NLDS Game 3 TBS ? Cardinals @ Cubs
Mon Oct 12 ALDS Game 4* FS1/SNET ? Blue Jays @ Rangers

Tue Oct 13 NLDS Game 4* TBS 1:30pm or 5:00pm? Cardinals @ Cubs
Tue Oct 13 NLDS Game 4* TBS 5:00pm? Dodgers @ Mets

Wed Oct 14 ALDS Game 5* FS1/SNET 1:00pm or 5:00pm? Rangers @ Blue Jays
Wed Oct 14 ALDS Game 5* FS1 5:00pm? Astros @ Royals

Thu Oct 15 NLDS Game 5* TBS 1:30pm or 5:00pm? Cubs @ Cardinals
Thu Oct 15 NLDS Game 5* TBS 5:00pm? Mets @ Dodgers

2015 MLB Playoffs - CS

Fri Oct 16 ALCS Game 1 Fox/FS1

Sat Oct 17 NLCS Game 1 TBS
Sat Oct 17 ALCS Game 2 Fox/FS1

Sun Oct 18 NLCS Game 2 TBS

Mon Oct 19 ALCS Game 3 Fox/FS1

Tue Oct 20 NLCS Game 3 TBS
Tue Oct 20 ALCS Game 4 Fox/FS1

Wed Oct 21 NLCS Game 4 TBS
Wed Oct 21 ALCS Game 5* Fox/FS1

Thu Oct 22 NLCS Game 5* TBS

Fri Oct 23 ALCS Game 6* Fox/FS1

Sat Oct 24 NLCS Game 6* TBS
Sat Oct 24 ALCS Game 7* Fox/FS1

Sun Oct 25 NLCS Game 7* TBS

2015 MLB Playoffs - WS

Tue Oct 27 WS Game 1 Fox
Wed Oct 28 WS Game 2 Fox
Fri Oct 30 WS Game 3 Fox
Sat Oct 31 WS Game 4 Fox
Sun Nov 1 WS Game 5* Fox
Tue Nov 3 WS Game 6* Fox
Wed Nov 4 WS Game 7* Fox

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