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Wiremania (Aug 22, 2014)

Radio Wires

XHPRS Becomes 'Max-FM,' Adds Jack Diamond To Mornings

TV Wires

Cable has more broadband than video subscribers, report says. Cable's transformation from just a TV service to a full-blown broadband telecommunications provider is apparently complete. According to research from The Leichtman Group, second quarter 2014 figures show that broadband now accounts for more subscribers than cable TV among the top cable providers.

New Simple.tv feature enables sharing of recorded shows. The major networks may have, at least for now, legally thwarted Aereo's attempt at redefining broadcast TV distribution. But disruptive technologies that threaten their business models--or at least their leverage against pay-TV companies in retransmission negotiations--keep on coming.

Roku set to undercut, disrupt smart TV market. Moving ever closer to completely dominating the smart TV market, Roku has announced that TV sets with its integrated streaming technology will soon hit stores with highly competitive price points

U.S. pay-TV price increases are double the inflation rate, report says

Sports Wires

TWC beefs up Pac-12 Net carriage in L.A., targets DirecTV. Further solidifying its position of Los Angeles regional sports network supremacy, Time Warner Cable has added five additional Pac-12 Networks channels to its local Sports Pass bundle.

Tech Wires

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Media Wires


Business Wires

Auto Wires

Consumer Wires

Health Wires

Misc Wires

Wiremania (Aug 15, 2014)

Radio Wires

Is Pandora Growing At Radio's Expense?

Radio Disney to Sell 23 Stations, Lay Off Nearly 200. The company will hold on to its flagship station KDIS-AM 1110 in Los Angeles

Kids Are Not Listening To AM Radio. Why pay all the expenses to operate and staff 23 radio stations, with questionable signal quality, when you know the majority of your target audience is listening through another platform? That may have been what the team at Radio Disney was thinking when they decided to put 23 facilities up for sale. According to Disney’s internal research, 37 percent of listeners (6 years old and up) listen to radio via satellite, 35 percent listen on the Internet and 31 percent listen using mobile devices. Only 18 percent listen to radio via AM and FM. Radio Disney has been on SiriusXM for over a decade now.

What is Radio Disney Selling?

Disney'S Devastating Signal About Radio. Way way back, I think it was about 1998, I made a prediction in Radio Ink that talked about how one day all of radio would be digital and online and we would see a time when AM and FM stations were no longer the primary means of distributing our programming. I went so far as to say that some would sell off their properties because they were no longer needed. I got lots of hate mail on that one. One of the world's giant media companies is saying we no longer need AM and FM stations because our listeners are digital.

91X PD Christy Taylor Exits

Not a Great Day for AM Radio.

Editor’s Notebook: Baseball and AM radio. Reading that automaker BMW eliminated AM terrestrial reception from one of its new car models was a “Hold everything!” moment for me. The hazy future of AM is generally troubling to someone my age [cough], who grew up listening pretty evenly to the AM and FM sides of the dial. But there is something more sharply distressing in seeing AM ripped out of a car.

Inside Radio: Jim Rome returns to L.A. With the impending move of “News Talk 980” KFWB, Los Angeles to sports, the station has announced L.A. radio veteran Jim Rome will be part of its new programming lineup. Rome hasn’t been heard in the market for nearly two years. Station chief Diane Sutter says he’s a hint of what listeners can expect when the all-sports format launches next month. Rome’s show will air 9am-12noon and be syndicated by CBS Sports Radio

TV Wires

CBS' Moonves disses Aereo: 'A lot of attention for a service nobody was using. Handling a barrage of relevant questions from investors following CBS Corp.'s Q2 earnings report, CBS chief executive Les Moonves said his company has renewed its deal with Netflix, that it won't be buying CNN, and that 75 percent of its commercials will soon be sold off of C7 audience metrics. Editors' note: CBS is making a lot of noise for a network nobody in our company watches anymore.

Senators push for pay TV retransmission reform; broadcasters push back. Broadcasters, increasingly dependent on retransmission fees paid by pay TV providers--and in turn covered by pay TV subscribers--don't like an idea being floated around the Senate Commerce Committee that would give subscribers the choice of paying for broadcast services individually.

Aereo Pushes To Resume Service In 6 Western States

Sports Wires

Fans' antitrust case against MLB, NHL, pay TV moves a step closer to trial. Unhappy sports fans won one in their antitrust lawsuit against Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, Comcast and DirecTV when a federal judge rejected an effort by the defendants to dismiss the case.

Wheeler Signals Sports Blackout Rule Vote by Early Fall. Look for an FCC vote on eliminating the sports blackout rule within the next two or three months. That was the signal from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) in a June 17 letter. Wheeler told Blumenthal he had asked the Media Bureau staff to complete their review of comments, including on the FCC's authority to eliminate it and the impact of eliminating it, and present recommendations so that the full commission could act by "early fall." Why This Matters: Given that the vote on the proposal to eliminate the rule by that full commission was unanimous, that is likely to mean the rules will be gone by year's end, as FCC Commissioner Pai called for earlier in the day.

Sports on Television: Dodger Blues

Pai calls for end to NFL's cable, satellite blackout rules. August 13, 2014. Sports fans have an ally in FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, who is taking on the powerful National Football League for them. Pai, speaking at a news conference in Buffalo, called NFL blackout rules "outdated" and said he'd like his fellow commissioners to do something about it.

Rome Coming Home To L.A. On KFWB. When the Sports format launches in September on KFWB in Los Angeles, Jim Rome will occupy the 9 a.m. to Noon slot. Trustee for the KFWB Asset Trust Diane Sutter said, “It’s been nearly two years since Southern Californians have been able to enjoy Jim’s show and he is just a hint of what listeners can expect from the new KFWB sports lineup. We’re thrilled and excited to bring Jim back home to his many L.A. sports fans.” The full lineup of sports programming on the station will be announced next month.

Local Choice is a Simple Solution to End Broadcast TV Blackouts Once and For All. By Brian Frederick. In the last five years, TV viewers living in 169 of our country's 212 TV markets have experienced at least one local broadcast blackout. Some markets, like New York City, Spokane and Mobile-Pensacola, have experienced five or more separate blackouts. Many of these blackouts last weeks or months with some even extending beyond a year. Blackouts occur when the broadcast station owners and the cable, satellite or phone companies can't agree on a price for carriage of the local broadcast TV station. These "retransmission consent" disputes, as they are called, have become increasingly frequent over the last few years. The big losers in these disputes are American consumers who end up paying more or being caught in the middle and therefore, denied access to popular TV shows and sporting events via a blackout. Read more at the link.

Fox, CBS Affils Warn FCC Against Removing Sports Rule. Fox and CBS affiliates warn that the FCC could be in danger of balkanizing sports programming and driving it to "increasingly expensive pay cable networks," according to a copy of the letter.

Tech Wires

Netflix Says U.S. Bandwidth Speeds Trail Most Other Countries It Tracks

Wiremania (Aug 8, 2014)

Radio Wires

ASCAP: Our Future Is At Stake In Pandora Case. On Monday an unredacted version of ASCAP's appeal in its case against Pandora was unsealed in federal court, according to The Tennessean. The organization is in a bitter dispute with Pandora over rates the pure-play must pay songrwriters and publishing companies. Pandora now pays 1.85 percent of its revenue and ASCAP wants that number to be closer to 3 percent. ASCAP is also worried that a lower court ruling that allows publishers to negotiate directly with publishers will destroy the company. Here's some of what ASCAP filed in court...

ASCAP Appeals Two Legal Rulings In Royalty Dispute With Pandora. ASCAP, THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF COMPOSERS AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS, is appealing two federal court rulings in its ongoing dispute with PANDORA.

End Of 24/7 Comedy Leads To Flips Across The Country. "Funny 1440" KFNY Riverside, CA is now more as the station shifts to News/Talk "IE 1440".

Mookie Named MD At KPRI. COMPASS MEDIA Triple A KPRI/SAN DIEGO HAS announced TODAY (8/5) the appointment of MARC "MOOKIE" KACZOR as MD and on-air personality.

insideradio.com: Dr. Joy is back in radio's house. Longtime syndicated radio advice show host Dr. Joy Browne is taking her virtual couch to a new radio home. She'll start hosting a live-and-local overnight (1-4am) show on Salem's news-talk "AM 970 The Answer" WNYM starting next week. Browne says she's "beyond thrilled" to be back on the air, saying she's been "besieged by listeners" who want to know how to find her.

Pandora considering talk radio, other car-friendly programming, according to CFO. In a recent interview, Pandora CFO Michael Herring spoke about the company's interest in making its services more friendly to drivers on the road. To that end, Bloomberg reported that Pandora is exploring the world beyond music, with interest in formats such as talk radio, news, and sports.

insideradio.com: Digital is new syndication alternative for Ace & TJ. No affiliate in a market? No problem, at least in the digital age. That could be the new mantra for syndicated programs, based on a roll-out by "The Ace & TJ Show." With no broadcaster carrying their show in the Greenville-Spartanburg, SC market, they've created a special website - AceTJGS.com - targeting those listeners.

insideradio.com: Another broadcaster hit with an intern lawsuit. A growing number of student interns are leaving their internships with a message not soon forgot: I'll see you in court. The latest broadcaster to wind up in court with a former paid intern is National Public Radio, which has been sued by a deaf Gallaudet University student.

insideradio.com: Tribune's broadcast-print split is completed. Nearly six years after Tribune filed chapter 11, a move that ultimately set the wheels in motion for it to be broken into two, the split has now been completed. Tribune Media Company, which will be home to news-talk "Radio 720" WGN and sports "The Game 87.7" WGWG-LP in Chicago, as well as Tribune's vast TV assets, are no longer sisters to the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, and 17 other newspapers.

Is college radio dying?

NAB Attacks Fcc Ownership Rules. The NAB is seeking further deregulation of media.

NAB to FCC: Market Has Changed, Regs Must Too. Suggests lifting ownership limits will help it compete with merging MVPD's

Inside Radio: Disney splits ABC Radio from Cumulus. In its biggest commitment to radio in more than a decade, the Walt Disney Company is launching what it’s calling a “new era” for ABC Radio. The process begins January 1 when ABC News Radio will split with its syndication partner Cumulus Media and strike out on its own – powered in part by a new alliance with Skyview Networks, which will handle advertising sales and satellite distribution. But news will be just the start.

sandiegoradio.org: Rich Brother Robbin Hangs Up The Headphones. Note: He was not one of the Rich Brothers of B-100 fame.

San Diego’S Walrus Taking It To The Max Update 8/7: Another shoe in the 105.7 XHRPS-FM saga has dropped as afternoon host Rich Brother Robbin is retiring following his program on Friday, August 8. LARadio.com reports that Robbin is ending his radio career after 56 years on his own terms.

TV Wires

Judge strikes down Aereo's 'emergency' attempt to resume service. A New York federal judge was apparently unmoved by a desperate plea from embattled streaming service Aereo, which stated in a filing that the company is "bleeding to death" and requires an "emergency" broadcast retransmission license to stay alive.

After Skewering Commercials For Decades, "Saturday Night Live" Starts To Embrace Them

Craig Ferguson to Be Replaced by James Corden as Host of "Late Late Show" (Exclusive)

RUPE'S REVERSAL: Fox Withdraws Time Warner Bid, Will Spend $6B To Repurchase Shares

After Pushback, Murdoch Abandons Fox’s Pursuit of Time Warner

Sports Wires

SoCal lawmaker continues to sell Dodgers channel arbitration to DirecTV. DirecTV has said it's not interested in an arbitration process to work out a carriage dispute that has kept 70 percent of the L.A. market blacked out from Dodgers games this season. Still, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), one of six lawmakers who originally proposed such a process in a letter to the Federal Communications Commission, keeps trying to sell the plan

With DirecTV, Suddenlink deals, SEC Network's reach on par with Big Ten Network. The ESPN-backed SEC Network has announced a linchpin carriage agreement with DirecTV that will push the regional sports network into 87 million pay-TV homes when it launches Aug. 14.

DirecTV rejects lawmakers' SportsNet LA appeal: Wants mediation, not arbitration

Plan calls for AT&T, DirecTV to become sole owners of CSNH. AT&T and DirecTV Sports Networks apparently will become the sole owners of the network now known as Comcast SportsNet Houston under a plan of reorganization filed late Wednesday night with federal bankruptcy court.

Tech Wires

Verizon To Limit Data For Users On Unlimited Plans

Football on the Air (August 2, 2014)

Sun Aug 2: Hall of Fame Game: Giants at Bills, 5pm, NBC

Thu Aug 7: 49ers at Ravens, 4:30, NFLN
Thu Aug 7: Cowboys at Chargers, 7pm, NFLN, CBS8
Fri Aug 8: Saints at Rams, 5pm, NFLN
Sat Aug 9: Browns at Lions, 4:30pm, NFLN

Thu Aug 14: Jaguars at Bears, 5pm, ESPN
Fri Aug 15: Eagles at Patriots, 4:30, NFLN
Fri Aug 15: Chargers at Seahawks, 7pm, NFLN, CBS8
Sat Aug 16: Packers at Rams, 1pm, NFLN
Sat Aug 16: Ravens at Cowboys, 4pm, NFLN
Sun Aug 17: Broncos at 49ers, 1pm, NFLN
Sun Aug 17: Chiefs at Panthers, 5pm, FOX, FOX5
Mon Aug 18: Browns at Redskins, 5pm, ESPN

Thu Aug 21: Steelers at Eagles, 4:30pm, NFLN
Fri Aug 22: Raiders at Packers, 5pm, CBS, CBS8
Fri Aug 22: Bears at Seahawks, 7pm, NFLN
Sat Aug 23: Buccaneers at Bills, 1:3pm, NFLN
Sat Aug 23: Saints at Colts, 5pm, CBS
Sun Aug 24: Chargers at 49ers, 1pm, FOX, FOX5
Sun Aug 24: Bengals at Cardinals, 5pm, NBC, NBC7

Thu Aug 28: Jets at Eagles, 4pm, NFLN
Thu Aug 28: Seahawks at Raiders, 7pm, NFLN
Thu Aug 28: Cardinals at Chargers, 7pm, CBS8

Chargers on the Air (August 2, 2014)

Mon Sep 8, 7:20pm, at Cardinals, ESPN
Sun Sep 14: 1:05pm, vs Seahawks, FOX
Sun Sep 21: 10am, at Bills, CBS
Sun Sep 28, 1:05pm, vs Jaguars, CBS
Sun Oct 5: 1:25pm, vs. Jets, CBS
Sun Oct 12: 1:05pm at Raiders, CBS
Sun Oct 19: 1:05pm vs Chiefs, CBS
Thu Oct 23: 5:25pm at Broncos, CBS
Sun Nov 2: 10am at Dolphins, CBS
Sun Nov 16: 1:05pm vs Raiders, CBS
Sun Nov 23: 1:05pm vs Rams, FOX
Sun Nov 30: 10am at Ravens, CBS
Sun Dec 7: 5:30pm vs Patriots, NBC
Sun Dec 14: 1:05pm vs Broncos, CBS
Sat Dec 20: 1:30pm at 49ers, CBS
Sun Dec 28, 10am at Chiefs, CBS

Wiremania (August 2, 2014)

Radio Wires

Inside Radio: Syndicated talker quits on the air. Conservative talker Jason Lewis quit on the air Thursday evening during the middle of his syndicated program, leaving affiliates scrambling to fill the remainder of his show, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "Today I left the radio biz for something better," the Genesis Communications-syndicated host tweeted after quitting, with a link to a new libertarian web venture he's launched.

Scripps CEO: We're looking to add more radio. E.W. Scripps may not have explicitly set out on a course to own radio stations, but as it moves forward with a merger with Journal Communications it's robustly embracing a return to the medium. Executives say they'll be "enthusiastic" new owners of radio stations.

Lee 'Hacksaw' Hamilton Exits The Mighty 1090/San Diego. Longtime SAN DIEGO sportscaster LEE "HACKSAW" HAMILTON has exited BCA Sports XEPRS-A (THE MIGHTY 1090)/SAN DIEGO. HAMILTON, who hosted mornings until JANUARY and more recently appeared on PADRES pre-game shows, tweeted, "Update-Mighty 1090 has decided to end our working relationship. Had a blast doing PADRES Pregame shows with Coach KENTERA-KBEVACQUA ... Will remain friends forever with 1090 management team-on air and support staff ... Loved working at 1090-690 before that. Special thanks to GM NORM FEUER who brought me to SAN DIEGO in 1987 to be Voice of chargers and PD MIKE SHEPARD. You can follow me daily on my new website (http://www.leehacksawhamilton.com). Off to new horizons ... Quote of the day. 'I am waiting to interview my next employer.'"

July 2014 SanDiegoRadio Spotlight: Sarah Beebe

TV Wires

DirecTV CEO says he's open to mediation to resolve Dodgers TV dispute. DirecTV CEO Mike White continued his ongoing war against rising programming costs, telling analysts Thursday that the second largest pay TV provider in the country is doing everything it can to slow down cost increases in sports programming and retrans. Why This Matters: White said that Time Warner Cable has created "stratospheric pricing," with SportsNet, which carries Los Angeles Lakers NBA games, and SportsNet LA, which is asking as much as $4 per subscriber per month in carriage fees for access to Dodgers games, adding that if those charges were extrapolated across all RSNs, DirecTV subscribers would be paying $26 per month just in RSN fees.

Aereo Loses Bid For Emergency Court Ruling To Keep It From "Bleeding To Death"

Sports Wires

NFL will roll out new player-tracking system for real-time on-field stats

Media Wires

Geek culture is dominant, so why are so many of its fans still so angry?

Wiremania (Aug 1, 2014)

Radio Wires

Why streaming could be local radio's salvation

Seattle Radio Host Bob Rivers Announces Retirement. Rivers said his last day will be August 8, which is 25 years to the day he started his show after moving his family across the country.

Seattle Morning Man Bob Rivers Calls It Quits. After 33 years of doing morning radio, 95.7 KJR-FM's Bob Rivers announced he's discontinuing The Bob Rivers Morning Show.

KJR's Bob Rivers Hangs Up His Alarm Clock

Online broadcasting more substantial than traditional radio - Cliff

Western radio broadcasters tuning out. They are ceding the short-wave, or political 'soft power', space to China instead

All Access: KFWB to become L.A.'s fourth sports station.

House Passes Bill To Overhaul US International Broadcasting

Voice of America Worries House Bill Would Harm Integrity

Len Belzer Dies; Brother Of Richard Belzer Hosted Syndicated 'The Comedy Hour. Condolences to family and friends of LEN BELZER, the brother of comedian RICHARD BELZER and the former host of the syndicated radio show "THE COMEDY HOUR." LEN BELZER died TODAY (7/30) after apparently jumping from the roof of his apartment building in NEW YORK; he was 73.

SanDiegoRadio has learned Lee 'Hacksaw' Hamilton is leaving BCA - The Might 1090.

TV Wires

Inside radio: Journal to merge with Scripps. Journal Communications has announced it will merge with The E.W. Scripps Company in a deal that will bring together a radio and TV portfolio covering 27 markets. The companies plan to spin-off the newspaper division. The merged broadcast and digital media company, based in Cincinnati, will retain The E.W. Scripps Company name. The newspaper company will be called Journal Media Group. The companies say the merger will create about $35 million in cost savings.

Investment analyst: Murdoch would take HBO out of pay TV bundle, target Netflix. Rupert Murdoch and 21st Century Fox haven't even come back with a follow-up offer to their rejected $80 billion bid for Time Warner Inc. But there's plenty of speculation already as to what Murdoch will do if he acquires his prize.

Cable companies will soon have more broadband subs than video customers, study says. Signaling a major shift in priorities for cable customers, Moody's says cable operators will, beginning in 2015, start serving more broadband subscribers than video subscribers.

Bill 'Wallace' Thompson Of Long-Running Phoenix 'Wallace And Ladmo' TV Show, Dies At 82

Cable companies: We're afraid Netflix will demand payment from ISPs

C-SPAN Moving To Authenticated TV Streaming. Live Feeds Of Government Activity To Remain Accessible To All

Barry Diller really is done with Aereo, takes write-down on company. Aereo has pledged to fight on after its landmark Supreme Court defeat in late June, seeking to reclassify itself as a pay-TV operator and obtain a statutory license to retransmit broadcast TV signals. As for the company's primary investor, Barry Diller, it looks like he's done.

Time Warner looks to get bigger HBO revenue cut from pay-TV operators. Under pressure to from investors to wring more revenue out of its crown jewel, Time Warner Inc. will use its upcoming affiliate licensing renewals for HBO to get a bigger cut of the premium channel's revenue from pay-TV operators.

LPTVs Lobby for Digital Transition Relief. Now face building facilities made useless by incentive auction repack

Who Runs San Diego? - Local Broadcast TV News Operations

Sports Wires

Listen Up: SiriusXM NFL Radio 10 years old

Westwood One Coverage Of Nfl Begins Sunday. A record 102 NFL games will be broadcast by Westwood One this season and it all begins Sunday with the 51st NFL Hall of Fame Game, featuring the New York Giants against the Buffalo Bills.

Big Ten Show Returns To Fox Sports Radio

Calif. lawmakers petition FCC to help end TWC SportsNet LA standoff. A group of Southern California lawmakers has petitioned FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, seeking his help to end a regional sports network carriage impasse that has kept the Los Angeles Dodgers blacked out in about 70 percent of their market this season.

FCC should help reach deal to end Dodgers TV standoff, lawmakers say

NFL Drive to Save Sports TV Blackouts Gains Steam. Some professional football fans have been flooding federal regulators this week with pleas to save a rule that keeps local NFL games from being televised when the hometown stadium doesn't sell out, thanks to a new push by the National Football League to keep the restriction in place.

Update: DirecTV not interested in arbitration with TWC over Dodgers channel DirecTV (NASDAQ: DTV) appears to have no interest in entering a binding arbitration process with Time Warner Cable over a lengthy carriage impasse that has kept 70 percent of the L.A. market blacked out from Dodgers games this season. Time Warner Cable offered to let an arbitrator determine a fair price for SportsNet LA in the hopes of resolving its dispute with DirecTV and other pay-TV providers over distribution of the Los Angeles Dodgers' channel. Why This Matters: DirecTV balked at the proposal, reiterating its previous offer to carry the regional sports network on an a-la-carte basis at whatever price Time Warner Cable wants to set, arguing that millions of subscribers have "little or no interest in paying for Time Warner Cable's excess."

Vin Scully Back for 2015 Season. Vin Scully will again announce Los Angeles Dodgers games in the 2015 season, which will be his unprecedented 66th season with the team, it was announced tonight.

Inside Radio: Vin Scully commits to season No. 66. Legendary Los Angeles Dodgers announcer Vic Scully will return for a 66th season agreeing to call games in 2015. The announcement came last night during the second inning of the Dodgers-Atlanta Braves game on the jumbotron in Dodger Stadium. The crowd gave the Hall of Fame broadcaster a standing ovation. "All I can say is thank God - and ask, please God, for another year," Scully told listeners.

Major League Baseball Embroiled in Explosive Legal War Over TV Deals (Exclusive)

DirecTV close on SEC Network deal, working with NFL, miles apart on SportsNet LA

Media Wires

Auto CD Recording Now Subject of Lawsuit. While broadcast radio has been fighting a performance royalty, it seems the auto and consumer electronic industries are now fighting a royalty issue too.

Saturday Night Sock Hop with Mike Z presents SOCK HOP NIGHT at Queen Bee's in North Park (July 31, 2014)

Thursday, July 31, 7 - 12 p.m.

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Location: 3925 Ohio Street, San Diego, CA

Sponsored By: Queen Bee's Art & Cultural Center in North Park

Aircheck: The Story of Top 40 Radio in San Diego

Aircheck: The Story of Top 40 Radio in San Diego
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I don't believe the history of San Diego radio has been chronicled before like this...it's absolutely fascinating." --Gene Knight, 2004


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