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B100 The Rich Brothers Funny Song Album

B100 The Rich Brothers Funny Song Album
Vinyl (1988)
Original Release Date: 1988
Number of Discs: 1


1. Haul Yer Hiney
2. Panda Song
3. Walk Like a Penguin
4. Walk Like Howdy Doody
5. Don't My Songs All Sound The Same
6. Thank You Sea World
7. Fair Song
8. Country Transvestite
9. That's Baloney
10. Rich Bros. San Diego Song
11. Man in the Coronado Toll Booth
12. Language Tape With Michael Jackson
13. Day-Oh San Diego
14. Vanna Pick Me a Letter
15. Axel's F Words
16. I've Had Enough Of This Song
17. Ballbusters
18. I Got You Rob
19. Pump Station 64
20. The Friday Song
21. My Thighs
22. San Diego Christmas
23. 12 Pains of Christmas
24. Steve Nicks Record Offer

The Rich Brothers® are Bobby Rich, Scott Kenyon, Frank Anthony, And Pat Gaffey. A favorite feature of their B-100 FM San Diego radio show from 1985-89 ''The B Morning Zoo'', is ''Funny Song Friday'' where novelty tunes (many written And performed by the Rich Brothers themselves) are spotlighted. Their ''Don't Worry - Be Happy'' philosophy is a perfect match for the positive goals of Cara-Net And the YMCA's Juvenile Crisis Center. When they learned the project was suffering financially, they offered all album proceeds to keep this essential service going.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Cara Knott (1966-1986).

Sadly, as I'm typing the liner notes from the LP, I learned that her father Sam Knott died of a heart attack on the freeway onramp near the site where Cara was murdered by a CHP officer at the Mercy Road bridge off I-15 in December 2000.

The YMCA Cara-Net Services

I'm not sure if this service is still active 12 years after this LP was released, but for your information, the YMCA Cara-Net project helps children of all ages by promoting child safety And assisting parents when their children are missing.

Keep This Information About Your Child For Emergencies


Some material courtesy of The American Comedy Network, Bridgeport, CT.
''Vanna'' courtesy of David Kolin And The Conversation Company Ltd.
Musical Arranger for The Rich Brothers: Quincy Catalfo.
''The Rich Brothers'' is a Registered Trade Mark of Rich Radio/Bobby Rich And Friends (c) 1988.
c/o YMCA Juvenile Crisis Center
2859 El Cajon Blvd.
Suite C.
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 284-0361
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