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You are at the section Welcome to SDN: Media News and More

Republishing Rights on SDN

Due to abuse, there will be some changes in how republishing rights to stories seen on SDN will be delegated.

First off, stories that appear on SDN will no longer be allowed to be copied and reposted to other websites without first sending an E-Mail to the webmaster and asking for permission to repost. Many of the well-known radio industry news websites (newspaper print, radio stations, television stations, radio engineer trades, websites, etc.) know they may repost what I have authored on this website, but for me to know where they are appearring, they need to now ask before they use.

Second, stories from the wires will no longer be published on this website in their entirities. Too many people are reposting not just the stories, but are also incorrectly attributing the third-party linked stories to SDN when they're clearly listed as coming from another source. Therefore, stories from The Wires that you often see won't be reposted in their entirities anymore. Excerpts that are rewritten for brievity reasons may also not be retransmitted. Links to the third-party websites will still be hotlinked. Many linked stories outside of this website do not have third-party retransmission rights and cannot be freely reposted unless they contact the webmasters and authors of those third-party websites which SDN has no affilliation with.

Third, photos and graphics used on SDN will no longer be freely copied and used on other people's websites. If you wish to use a free button or banner on your website, please E-Mail me for a copy once they're available.

Fourth, once permission to retransmit stories authored by David Tanny is granted, stories may be used in whole or altered into a brief summary without changing the purpose of the story. Related text may be added after the retransmitted story as long as the website author notes that the added text came from the author. The approved party will agree to source and hotlink (if it's a website) SDN and must also include the text "Source: David Tanny, sdn.davesfunstuff.com. All Rights Reserved." Permission to repost approved articles can only be reposted on approved websites and nowhere else that you may author, and may not be reposted in USENET, web forums, blogs, or other non-approved websites.

Fifth, third-party photos that are used on this website will be listed with a copyright along with the name of the owner of the photo, and as mentioned earlier, they cannot be reposted. Submitters of photos must be sure to bear a copyright note on the top or bottom of the photo submitted for approval for use on this website only.

Sixth, local copies of material on this website are permissable as it falls under the "private use of its audience" provision. Any retransmission, redistribution, reposting, commercial use, or vocal broadcasting from the public audience is prohibited.

Seventh, radio news sites that require a paid subscriber's account in order to access may be granted permission to rebroadcast David Tanny-authored articles provided that a one-time flat fee for the story is negotiated and agreed upon. This means that if you run a website that people can't read unless they pay the webmaster a subscription fee, then in essence, retransmission of such stories on that website must be not only granted, but also paid for (barter doesn't count, such as lifetime access to the author's website).

Eighth, materials gathered from FCC or other non-profit public websites that allow non-commercial redistribution may still be reposted in their entirities, but, may not be retransmitted to other websites directly from SDN as the materials may be reedited and reformatted for clarity purposes and is subject to copyright protection. Readers need to go to the source of the article.

Ninth, press releases and other materials submitted for use on SDN (from the radio stations, other news media, etc.) must include the author's name and contact information. Such approved materials will have no retransmission rights, that is, if you wish to have other media use your materials that appear here, you must also send your materials to the other websites as well.

Tenth, letters written to the editor must include the author's name and contact information, and let me know if you want your name to be withheld from publication by request or replaced with a handle.

Eleventh, Arbitron ratings are not published on this website except for station ranks. Nobody is allowed to send SDN Arbitron rating numbers of any kind for any reason whatsoever as such an act is in violation of Arbitron's own retransmission rights agreement, and demanding publishing of such numbers on this website as a condition for anything will result in reporting such abuse to Arbitron. Arbitron may request to have the latest ratings published on this website for reporting purposes only by directly contacting the author via E-Mail and leaving a contact telephone number as well as the name of the contact. Such materials will not be reposted.

Twelfth, the following organizations or individuals may repost SDN-authored items on their websites and newspapers provided that SDN is properly sourced and permission granted for use.
Chris Carmichael, sdradio.net (no payment necessary)
The San Diego Reader, sdreader.com (no payment necessary)
San Diego City Beat, sdcitybeat.com (no payment necessary)
Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor - The CGC Communicator (no payment necessary)
The San Diego Union (payment for stories required)
The Los Angeles Times (payment for stories required)
The North County Times (payment for stories required)
Gary Lycan, Orange County Register (payment for stories required)
Don Barrett, laradio.com (payment for stories required)
Radio personnel on San Diego county-based radio station groups including but not limited to: Clear Channel Communications San Diego, Jefferson-Pilot Communications, Salem Communications Corporation, Broadcast Corporation of the Americas, and Compass Broadcasting (no payment necessary)

New Outside News Linking Policy Effective June 6, 2005!

A new linking policy to San Diego Radio News is in effect. If you wish to have a link coming from my website, you must do the following at least once every week:

1. If you're a radio station, let us use your press releases and other news stories for use on the San Diego Radio News website.

2. If you're of a free radio news organization, you have to supply us with at least one story (about 250 words) as well as a link to your website to link to. You see them every time you read the Radio Wires section. If you want your excerpts of stories mentioned, more than just an occasional headline, you need to e-mail the editor of San Diego Radio News an excerpt and link to use. Sometimes if we don't call you, you call us. Also, it must be of the editorial direction of San Diego Radio News (ie. radio stories, San Diego music scene, best of internet radio, etc.)

3. If you're of a major press organization such as AP or Retuers, you need to supply us with the URL of your story, and an excerpt of 250 words of less we can use. We can't use the whole story anyway due to bandwidth limitations.

4. If you're of a radio news website that is a pay website, we also cannot link unless you supply us with at least one or more stories totaling 1,000 words or more from your website a week we can use here. Only the author of the pay website may send in stories, not their subscribers.

5. If you wish to use any of our stories from our website, you need to hot link to us in the same paragraph as an excerpt for each story you are using on your news website. Let our website roll off into the archives with the story. You now need to get permission from the webmaster/author in order to repost, but you can't post the stories in forums, mailing lists, USENET newsgroups, or sent by fax, and the stories must be used in their entireity or briefly summarized (not altered to mean something that's not in the original direction of the article) Those are the only restrictions.

Please Send Some Radio News!!!

Want it on SDN? You need to e-mail the editor!

This news site has been online as San Diego Radio News since September 27, 2003, and first launched orginally as Dave's Radio Waves on February 4, 1999 on davesfunstuff.com, then as DFS News on Feb 1, 2001, and as Cal Radio News in October 21, 2002.

This website is for and about radio, television, and Internet stations originating from the Southern California area, plus about radio stations from outside the area that stream their signals into the So. Cal area, plus satellite radio.

Please send any press releases, format changes, letters, gripes, suggestions, weblinks with excerpts of stories or full stories with permission to repost, radio programming notices for the On Radio San Diego guide, and other applicable information at the "Send News" button. This website is updated about 14 times a week (once in the AM, once in the PM), or send press releases with a CD-R or IBM formatted floppy (accompanied with a printed hard copy, not just a printout) to David Tanny, PO Box 19569, San Diego, CA 92159-0569.

All pages are in pure HTML and use some JavaScript for certain enhancements, and are assembled by either a plain text editor or a computer program in QBASIC for DOS from a local database.

The use of copyrighted names are for the purposes of news reporting and information only and are intended to be neither implied endorsements nor copyright infringements.

© 1999-2014, San Diego Radio News. Dave's Radio Waves, Cal Radio News, DFS News, Random Access Radio, Radio Wires, DFSX Comedy Radio, DFSX Fun Radio, I Still Get Demented, ISGD, On Radio San Diego, Backwaves: The Readers Strike Back, and others are terms associated with this website.

To advertise on San Diego Radio News, please e-mail the webmaster/author/editor at the "Send News" button.

All unsoliticted spam are retuned 27-fold, so no e-mails from Nigerian bank scammers or anyone selling body part enhancements.

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