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Unintentional (DX, etc.) pick-ups on old cable systems (Oct 17, 2009)

On the old Mission Cable system in San Diego, in the early 70s, cable 3 was once used for KCST 39, a then-small UHF independent that is now KNSD, an NBC affilliate on cable 7. But in early 1970s, KCST didn't sign on until later than 7am, but around that time on Saturday mornings, I could hear the audio of the sign-on for KEYT channel 3 in Santa Barbara.

In 1992, on Monday mornings from 3am-5am, cable 13's resident channel KCOP 13 from Los Angeles signed off for the time, but Cox picked up the audio for KSWT channel 13 in Yuma. There was somewhat of a weak picture on the channel, and at the time, it ran Telemundo programs overnight such as wrestling, which I saw in Spanish.

Totally weird.

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