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You are at the section Broadcast/Cable TV History

Broadcast/Cable TV History - 1940s-1960s

1947-01-22 Channel 5 Los Angeles
1948-05-06 Channel 2 Los Angeles
1948-08-25 Channel 9 Los Angeles
1948-09-17 Channel 13 Los Angeles
1949-01-01 Channel 11 Los Angeles
1949-01-16 Channel 4 Los Angeles
1949-05-16 Channel 8 San Diego
1949-09-16 Channel 7 Los Angeles
1953-07-24 Channel 3 Santa Barbara
1953-04-29 Channel 6 Tijuana
1953-05-00 Channel 6 San Luis Obispo
1953-09-13 Channel 10 San Diego
1960-07-18 Channel 12 Tijuana
1960-10-01 The Christian Broadcasting Network was born, it was not yet on satellite
1962-09-11 Channel 24 San Bernadino
1962-09-30 Channel 34 Los Angeles
1964-03-16 Channel 12 Santa Maria
1964-03-21 Channel 22 Los Angeles
1964-09-28 Channel 28 Los Angeles
1965-11-14 Channel 39 San Diego
1966-06-29 Channel 52 Los Angeles
1967-01-05 Channel 40 Los Angeles
1967-06-25 Channel 15 San Diego
1968-10-05 Channel 42 Palm Springs
1968-10-26 Channel 36 Palm Springs
1969-04-00 Manhattan Cable (airing briefly sometime in the Spring of 1969) aired closed-circuit post-season telecasts of the Knicks basketball and the Rangers hockey teams.
1969-10-15 Manhattan Cable began its distribution service of its New York sports broadcasts to nearby cable operators in the region. It didn't have a name for the first two years but was referred to as Manhattan Cable during the network's first two years. In 1971, it became the Madison Square Garden Sports Network, or MSG Network. It was distributed via microwaves.
1969-10-16 Channel 30 San Bernadino

Lineups as of the end of the year

San Diego/Tijuana TV

6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 39

Los Anglees TV

2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 22, 28, 34, 40, 52

Other Area TV

3 (Santa Barbara), 6 (San Luis Obispo), 12 (Santa Maria), 24 (San Bernadino), 30 (San Bernadino), 36 (Palm Springs), 42 (Palm Springs),

Satellite TV (for the consumer end of the cable system)

none yet
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