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Three Network Schedules 1970-1979 Intro

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History of Daytime TV Schedules Main Page How To Submit Listings Early Daytime Listings ABC Daytime CBS Daytime NBC Daytime DuMont Daytime Three Network Schedules 1948-1969 Three Network Schedules 1970-1979 Three Network Schedules 1970-1979 Intro 1970 Eastern/Central 1970 Pacific 1971 Eastern/Central 1971 Pacific 1972 Eastern/Central 1972 Pacific 1973 Eastern/Central 1973 Pacific 1974 Eastern/Central 1974 Pacific 1975 Eastern/Central Part 1 1975 Pacific Part 1 1975 Eastern/Central Part 2 1975 Pacific Part 2 1976 Eastern/Central 1976 Pacific 1977 Eastern/Central Part 1 1977 Pacific Part 1 1977 Eastern/Central Part 2 1977 Pacific Part 2 1978 Eastern/Central 1978 Pacific 1979 Eastern/Central 1979 Pacific Three Network Schedules 1980-1989 Three Network Schedules 1990-present
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